RESURGENCY – No Worlds…Nor Gods Beyond CD


The greek Death Metal hellcommando RESURGENCY is back to pull the putrid flesh from your rotten bones with their new album named „No Worlds…Nor Gods Beyond“.
9 new blasphemic songs recorded at Incorporated M Studios, Athens by Bill Pappas. This is the most brutal stuff they wrote so far, songs full of hate, energy and passion.

The great coverartwork was created by the Spanish artist Raul Gonzalez. Hes also responsible for Skeletonwitch, Master, Centinex, Morbus Chron etc. artworks.

Track listing:

01. Thresholds Of Infinite Pain
02. Progenitors Of Suffering
03. No Worlds Nor Gods Beyond
04. Upset Sun In Shades Deforms
05. Celestial Commemoration
06. Emancipation By Knowledge
07. Permutation Rites
08. Through The Gate Inside Not
09. Quartered Mental Existence

„No Worlds…Nor Gods Beyond“ is highly recommended for fans of MORBID ANGEL and early DEICIDE.

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