OBSCENE EXTREME merchandise 2023 – I Scream You Scream – Pink T-Shirt


“I have known Obscene for many years based on stories and I have always heard fabulous ones wrapped only in superlatives… However, musically this festival is so remote that even after more than a decade of working on designs for the subculture I would not have thought that our paths would cross and that we would do a design for obscene youths.
Designs are usually preceded by proper sketching and a thorny journey to get an idea. But with OEF, it started with a vegan duck and our first meeting was one big laugh, and that only made me more confident that I would work in the way that was closest to my heart. With humor and a twist.
I’ve been skateboarding around Prague since I was a kid and oldschool skateboard graphics resonate in my heart, so I chose the traditional eyeball motif. What can I use to spice it up? What does every kid big and small love? Man, a chocolate ice on a stick, or a giant ball in a cone. Obscene eyes cream didn’t work, but we found a common ground. Obscene brings the biggest goodies for both the little and the grown-up foodies. So, come closer, you’ll be rolling your eyeballs!”
✍️ Artwork: Woody

T-shirt Brand- Sols Imperial – Orchid Pink – 190 gsm t-shirt

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