CAPTAIN CLEANOFF – Discography 1988 -2001 CD


After being out of print and unavailable for way too long, the 2002 MCD from one of Australia ’s most ruthless bands is finally unleashed again! But this time there’s the added bonus of the songs from the incredible split 7”s with Drunkard and Open Wound plus a bunch of furious live songs to give you a thorough face shredding only the likes of these grindcore titans can serve up!! Though their recorded output has been criminally minimal so far and the live shows have been limited, Captain Cleanoff have gained a reputation for being one of the most, if not THE most ferocious band to ever set foot on an Aussie stage due to a coronary-inducingly intense live show and a ridiculously brutal repertoire of top shelf grindcore tunes the likes of which have rarely been heard since the heyday of Earache’s grindcore beginnings! The primal grinding harshness of Napalm Death, the devastating catchy metal riffs of Brutal Truth’s ‘Extreme Conditions…’ and the violent skanking crossover madness of The Accused, but this is no tacky retro-revivalist band, this is straight up, uncontrived, pure honest grindcore from one of the world’s best!!!

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